“Because the medium IS the message, because form and content are inseparable, grades are based not only on content but also on number of errors and infelicities in writing style” (P2b Requirements) 

Oddly enough, this is one of the two college English courses I have taken that have such an emphasis on the medium and how it must be presentable. I honestly do not mind th emphasis because I like to take pride in my final work, however long it takes me to get there. I also agree with this because aesthetic is also important as the quality, it is how you sell an idea.




This is just for me to knowledge because I have to go back and edit my footnotes/endnotes in the Word document. So this is more of a personal reminder since I was asking myself about this earlier when using Roman lowercase numerals as opposed to regular numbers.


“SPECIFICALLY, I WANT THE VERSION WITHOUT BIBLIOGRAPHY: This University of Chicago footnote system requires complete bibliographical information at the bottom of the page. This way there is no need for a list of works cited or a bibliography at the end” (P2b Requirements)

This is another reminder for me since I was planning on exporting my Bibliography from Noodle Tools.

a cute comic panel I found that represents many of us at one point in college (especially as English majors)

“-Teamwork skills and the ability to collaborate with others in diverse group settings (71%)” (Anthology 62).

This refers to an ability that employers want that is not directly taught. I love school and learning, but I am constantly reminded by how blessed I am to be a Resident Assistant here because it is teaching me a plethora of teamwork skills and conflict management skills in incredibly diverse settings.

“Why is the final stage so hard [ages 18-23]? To briefly recap you late, for many young people, to be away from home at college creates too much freedom of independence and too much stress to completely manage” (Anthology 68).

When I first came to UT for my sophomore year (and also my first time being away from home) I was astounded by how some people ran wild after they moved out of their home. My parents, and I’m sure many others’, did their best to give me responsibilities growing up and give me piece by piece of independence  as the years went by, and even though I sometimes still struggle, my foundation is sound because of all the help and trust my parents gave me to myself (does that even make sense?). However, others, people I know personally, were not so lucky for whatever reason and often ended up not being able to hand the initial freedom all at once.

50105453278__0c624f69-aeec-4e8c-a77b-811574e41890(Anthology 92).

I used to be a perfectionist, and even today I still have lingering effects. I actually tabbed this page and the “Overcoming Procrastination” section earlier this year when I was going through the anthology. I used to set unreachable goals and then fall into the cycle of being incredibly sad because I had failed at reaching my unrealistic goal. It becomes a vicious cycle. The worst part is, I would just lie there, not doing anything for hours, hammering myself on why I was failing and unworthy. However, much has changed since then, and the majority of who I am is still in transition. I am still working on accepting criticism, but that seems the easiest compared to the other bullets I had to endure almost half a decade ago.


“Organize your environment, complete with the tools you’ll need so it’s conducive to working. Or…move yourself to an environment which is conducive to working” (Anthology 122).

I always tell my friends that my room’s state is a direct reflection of my state of mind. If the bed isn’t even made, my friends know something is off. And when my room looked like this last week:

img_6229…my friends were incredibly concerned. In order to be productive, our surroundings must be productive. And even with this being one of my mantras, I still struggle upholding it and is something that I am constantly improving.

“Use your impulsiveness. When you get going, keep going. Do something when you think of it – don’t think about it. Do instant, tiny things” (Anthology 123).

My dad always told me this growing up since I am highly impulsive. I just wanted to add this for the nostalgia factor.

Finally, I saw this meme earlier and it made me laugh despite how terrible plagiarism actually is and wanted to share because we all need laughs these last couple of weeks:



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