I am still interested in doing something with the Spanish translation of the movie, however due to a midterm and many deadlines from the past two weeks, I have not been able to focus on this as much. I hope that this will be the week I refine what I want to write about.


‘Have a little more tea,’ said the March Hare to Alice, with extreme solicitude.

‘I have not taken any yet,’ Alice answered in the tone of an offended person; ‘I do not know how I am going to have more.’

‘Do you want to say that you cannot take less?’ said the Hatter. ‘But it is easy to take less than nothing'” (1171).

I went back to the Alice and Wonderland novel, just to recheck what was it that the Spanish version did not do. The only difference I saw was the Hatter said “it is very easy to take more than nothing” which is super easy to translate in spanish. I am going to agree with the author and assume the translator did not understand the logic Carroll used in this scene.



“Slight changes in chapter titles caught my attention, such as ‘down the rabbit’ hole becoming ‘in the rabbit hole,’ as well as ‘in the pool of tears.’ The latter particularly caught my attention due to the word used for pool, which is ‘birka’ in Arabic. The same spelling with different pronunciation ‘baraka’ means blessing, or benediction, and the term ‘qala al-baraka’ means misfortune or bad luck. Thus the root used here means Alice’s pool of tears, her misfortune, and her benediction.” (1193).

In the case of the rabbit hole translation, it’s fascinating how a preposition changes the meaning ever so slightly. Instead of down, it is simply in. The one with down implies that it is underground in some form, while in just gives a feeling of passing through something, almost like a portal you go in (at least for me). At the same time, there is also the “tears” and how the word can mean different things. When I read over this I couldn’t help but recall the “be careful what you wish for” saying. What may come as a blessing can become misfortune.



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