Wool and Water

“The White Queen only looked at her in a helpless frightened sort of way…” (Lewis Carroll 147).

Seeing, or rather, reading that the White Queen was described as “helpless” or even “frightened” went against everything I thought she would be. After Disney’s 2010 version, I honestly thought that the White Queen would be as collected and confident as Anne Hathaway had portrayed her.



“Alice thought it would never do to have an argument at the very beginning of their conversation, so she smiled and said, ‘If your majesty will only tell me the right way to begin, I’ll do it as well as I can'” (Carroll 147).

I have commented over and over again on Alice maturity, but I do believe that her maturity levels and her tolerance changes throughout her journey in the Looking-Glass and down the rabbit hole. Alice’s dynamic character is largely fascinating because it shows how tolerant a child is able to be. I believe Dodgson saw this when he interacted with Alice Liddell and her siblings. He knew that children were far more cognizant and aware than we perceive them to be.

“‘Were you ever punished?’

‘Only for faults,’ said Alice.

‘And you were all the better for it, I know!’ the Queen said triumphantly.” (Carroll 149).

I think we can also make a connection to sadism, if not corporal punishment from this comment. Or either way, just a moral lesson representing how effective it is to punish someone for something that was done wrongfully.

Humpty Dumpty

“‘They’ve a temper, some of them – particularly verbs: there are the proudest – adjectives you can do anything with, but not verbs – however I can manage the whole lot of them! Impenetrability! That’s what I say!'” (Carroll 161).

I’ve heard this before, with how people interpret and assign different connotations to different words depending on experience. In any case, while looking for a picture of Humpty Dumpty, I came across a political cartoon that quotes Through the Looking-Glass verbatim:


This cartoon made me all the more scared for the upcoming weeks since we have a manipulative man that is trying to become our president. Although many people say Carroll writes about absurdities, I do think they have layers of truth to them, just as this cartoon shows.


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