October 25th:

I was having really intense cramps all day and just wanted to go home and sleep because I was in pain. However, I did not get to go home until 9pm because I have meeting after meeting and RA Program shopping at HEB. BY the time I got home, I realized I would also have to do homework and did not have time to nap. I was feeling overwhelmed and frustrated because I could not function properly. I called my boyfriend, like I usually do when I feel not okay. He told me to take a nap and that he would wake me up (since this is a common practice between us). In the end, something along these lines ended up happening:

but minus the mom part, because he isn’t my mom

So in the end, I ended up sleeping more than I should have (which made me feel physically better) but I felt worse emotionally/mentally because I had to do a lot of homework. I wasn’t mad at him because I know he was just looking after me, but still. So all in all, not a good night.



October 28th: 

My organization’s annual halloween party is today and I feel super excited to go because I haven’t seen a lot of my friends in a while since we’re all busy with school. So hopefully, as one of my potential future bests, I’ll feel lively and animated. I’ll also be dressing up as Nancy from Stranger Things and my friend will be Barb. This is still a work in progress, so it’s not set in stone yet.



October 31st:

I’m part of my RA staff’s social committee and we are having a murder mystery potluck! Although, I’ve never been to or  hosted a murder mystery, it was something always on my bucket list since that one Lizzie McGuire episode, and the planning stages have honestly made me have fun and feel like I am temporarily escaping my responsibilities (this is totally a feeling, sort of like elated). So hopefully everyone else in our staff loves the murder mystery too. Our theme is also casino theme and we will be dressing up all out!



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