October 14th: One of my closest friend’s birthday was that day. Although she was turning 21, she didn’t feel like turning up on 6th St. (even though her actual birthday even landed on a Friday?). We went on “El Naranjo” on Rainey St. and were feeling bougie. Afterwards, we went back to her condo and we ate all the baked goods that we made her for her birthday while watching Mel Gibson on “What Women Want.” I felt super comfortable and at ease since I was surrounded by the people that were closest to me in my college career.


October 15th: Since we stayed up until 3am watching a movie and eating baked goods the night before, I did not wake up until 12pm. I hate waking up late. It makes me feel super unproductive and I get nothing done the rest of the day. Although I did get to skype my boyfriend (which is a mini best) I did not get anything on my list done for Saturday. So I was very frustrated because that resulted in cramming it all into Sunday, which became a Worst, Part II for me because of that. All in all, I felt pretty hopeless (I am also a bit dramatic).



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