“Animal protection promised the all-inclusive assurance of kindness as a universal moral balm to unite and heal a violent world” (571).

I like this statement because it shows how humans often try to justify themselves. However, it does not mean they try and end the bad actions the do, but rather, do good elsewhere. In the context of the reading, WWII was about to occur, and this made people feel better about the current affairs in a way.

“Animal protectionists primarily treated animal suffering as an expression of human depravity” (571).

As I read this, I can’t help but recall the reading we did on the person who would step on small animals with boots. Although society has tried to be more accepting of sexuality and sexual fetishes (as bizarre as some are), this one definitely drew the line. This fetish involved the gory death of small animals. This gory death is directly related with the person’s mental stability and an inner depravity.

This is also why many serial killers like Son of Sam, the “Boston Strangler”, Jeffrey Dahmer, Ted Bundy, and Brenda Ann Spencer. This small list is just an example, but the behavior is most often linked to human depravity.


one of the many social media thread reactions to his crush fetish


“For those animal advocates who were denied the full rights of an American citizenship, such as people of color and women, the suffering animal body was a blank cultural canvas on which to project their own potentially radical ideas about human equality” (571).

I’ve gotten three powerful quotes from the same page. There is so much great content here. In any case: this is also something that has become really personal for me, and struck a cord with me. For decades, Latinos and other minorities have worked hard to be noticed in the political agenda and gain full access to citizenship. Just how minorities united, I like how we also united with our “silent friends.”


“…and instill in the minds of our boys and girls the thought that gentleness and mercy are not signs of weakness, but are traits of a character that belong to the greatest and noble” (572).

I think even though this quite is being said post Civil War in reference to rat fighting and other forms of Southern cruelty, we can still apply this to rape culture today. Due to toxic masculinity, men are told that any form of crying, mercy or gentleness is seen as feminine and therefore weak. So whenever a guy tries to speak out against anything in rape culture, he is deemed effeminate.

“For Trimmer, practicing kindness to animals as a child would hopefully lead one to ‘universal benevolence’ as an adult” (603).

THIS! This is essentially the complete opposite of what I was saying earlier with the serial killers hurting animals as children and also how animal cruelty is a comment on human depravity. So by this logic, as Trimmer is arguing, people become good people when they treat animals well.


“…[fairy tales] endorsed an irrational view of the worked and suggested that children could become successful too easily (in other words, they did not have to work)” (605).

I really like Sarah Trimmer acknowledges this fact.Many are often more concerned with why fairy tales are censored and not gory enough, or too gory, but Trimmer bring this point up. Fairy tales do display a events that would be too convenient for them to happen. They’re unrealistic in the sense of teaching children about hard work and not having a fairy godmother bibbidi-bobbidi-boo a dress out of nowhere for you. She has an interesting point, I’ll give her that. Maybe I liked her point because that was on of the reasons I did not like princess stories as a kid, I always thought the girls lied around, waiting for someone else to give them something.

“…not as containing the real conversations of Birds (for that is impossible…)” (613).

Trimmer is so frank. She uses these innocuous fairy tale tropes (talking animals) but also disclaims them and states why she is using them and approaching it realistically. I really admire this.


I saw everyone posting pictures of their animals and thought I should do the same because pets are amazing:

Mogi and Kiiro (left to right)



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