September 24: I have two bests! My parents and brothers came to visit me and we spent Thursday-Saturday together! We ate good food together (Cheesecake Factory, Estancia, Hopdoddy’s) and also went kayaking! I felt energized and comforted around my family and it was a great experience. I was not sad when they left either, because I knew I would see them again in a couple months, and this visit really helped ease the pain of not seeing them for months at a time.


My second best is that right after I dropped them off at the airport Saturday night, I got home and skyped with my boyfriend! We did our usual thing and watched Netflix together, we watched some Arrow and Friends! This never fails to make me feel relaxed and at ease.


September 25: Now for my worst…I felt my productivity plumment on Sunday night. I like being able to check things off my planner and I couldn’t do that this time because I got distracted by life (grocery shopping, Facebook navigating, etc). As a result, I felt inadequate and disappointed in myself because now I am paying the price and will be suffering throughout the week.



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