“Alice’s curiosity is one of the qualities that makes for a hero. She is willing to venture into the unknown, or that which is beyond self. She insists upon learning through experience as opposed to listening to someone else (her mother for instance) for information (979).

I really like this quote from the student essay, it represents the internal conflict that many during this period in time had. For centuries, people were trying so hard to fit under the status quo, and then Alice pops up from Lewis Carroll’s novel, and shows its readers to do just that: experience it for yourself, do not take anyone’s word for it. I really connected with this because my extended family did not want me to leave for college because under tradition, Mexican families live in the same house and/or close to home throughout college or until they are married. So my extended family kept warning me of the bad incidents that would happen to me or how I apparently wanted to become a “gringita” (essentially, a white girl). Yet, I chose to let the experience of this college career to inform me, rather than taking others’ words for it. I let my curiosity guide me into this rabbit hole known as UT.

My mother and I posted this picture on our social media, basically informing our family that I was in charge of my own destiny.

“Alice landed in a long hallway filled with door after door after door. She tried to open them, but all were locked (980).”

I love the image that was provided in our reading, I always envisioned Wonderland as a portal to our subconscious. After analyzing/looking at this picture, it made me realize how we have constantly kept our thoughts under lock and key, never acknowledging the things we actually need to acknowledge in order to set free. If we unlocked our fears, maybe we could eradicate them, but instead we bottle them up, and just refuse to unlock them.



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