September 8th & 9th: My friends and I decided to try something new these days. Last year, we often went out and that was the only time we were ever together since our schedules are pretty different. However, after our organizations’s meeting on Thursday, I was feeling adventurous and suggested we visit a coffee shop and do homework. Homework. Together. We had never done this before (except during finals week) because we are all from different majors. Yet, we were all down to try this novel experience out together. So we did. We went to Epoch on Thursday and did homework until 1am. On Friday, we didn’t feel like going out and we visited Bennu’s and did some chair applications there, and laughed our night away until 2am. It was soothing and tranquil, just being able to know that I actually have friends who are down for anything.

September 10th: I am just going to say that although I am super happy UT won it’s first game, I was pretty sad that UTEP lost by so much. See, I’m from El Paso, and I actually went to UTEP for my freshman year. Although I did not like UTEP’s academic environment or its negligence for the Liberal Arts, it was still home for me, and UTEP represents our city. I knew UTEP was going to lose, I wanted UTEP to lose by a couple points and not be completely bulldozed like how they were. So I was feeling pretty demoralized the whole game. I’m over it now, but it was a sinking feeling during the game.

This is me showing lowkey Miner pride and UT pride with all of my friends

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